We are in 2176. Humans have disappeared from the galaxy in strange unknown conditions and the still living forms are hybrid life-machines with artificial intelligence. After they conquest the galaxy, they now want to learn more about one of their human ancestors trait: they want to learn what emotions are.

General Quarters

Welcome aboard, you have been selected for a special mission: exploring the galaxies to collect informations on your ancestor's race: Earth's humans. As you may know, humans have disappeared from the galaxies during the 2560 years in strange conditions. It's up to you today to discover why the humans have disappeared. To help you in this mission, you have a spaceship with modern IA integrated. Don't forget to look your oxygen and energy ressources while you travel and explore new planets. Good luck !

Select a planet, star or galactic anomaly and click 'Travel To' button to land.
Use objects you founded on planets to level up and unlock new planets and locations.
You need energy to travel and oxygen to land on planets. Travel to Galactic Market to by energy and oxygen.

You'll need a recent browser to play

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